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Lianne Morgan-Sands

“A Health-Style & Life-Style You’ll Love”

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"Now more than ever your immune system needs to be at its best"

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LOOK! My happy & healthy graduates completing their 90 Day Challenge

Wildfit graduates

Next WILDFIT® 90 Day Group Challenge
Starts Monday February 20, 2023

Spaces are filling up for my first group class of 2023

Spaces are limited because I want to give everyone a fantastic experience with WILDFIT®. Contact me through the button below to set up a time for a chat if you have questions about whether WILDFIT® is right for you.

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Want to join a future WILDFIT® 90 Day Challenge?

My next group class is scheduled for Fall 2023

I keep my class size small in order to give everyone the best experience possible…
but that also means that spaces fill up quickly when I announce the date.

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As a Certified WILDFIT Coach, I also offer one-on-one and/or semi-private coaching.

You can start the 90 day challenge on any Monday and coaching calls can be tailored to fit your schedule.

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To me, the word ‘GUSTO’ means enthusiasm, zest, glee and relish
(not the green pickle stuff)

I found my ‘gusto’ for a vibrant and zesty state of health and well-being in the summer of 2020. YUP – the global pandemic woke me up. Covid’s crazy world was the ‘kick in the pants’ that I needed to make my health a priority.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge. It was a miracle for me. Now I’m trimmer, more energetic, more laid back and truly delighted with my life than I have felt in years.
I was so ‘over the moon’ with my results on the Challenge that I wanted to share it with everyone. Once again, I stumbled on a terrific solution. I took the extensive training and now I’m a CERTIFIED WILDFIT COACH.-

If you want to live and love your life with GUSTO – you’re in the right place!
‘Embracing Your Gusto’ is my whole hearted way of ‘passing it on’ for like-minded folks.


Let me share a few examples of my WINS!

• Vibrant, trim and pain-free body
• Original weight loss of 16 lb
• Weight loss increased to 20 lb during Christmas time ‘test’
• Delightful sound sleep every night
• Pain free from daily ‘arthritis’ in my hands
• Zesty mindset and energy every day
• Enthusiasm for tasty food that keeps me in peak shape

(For the full story, including revealing before and after pics, click the button below)

The Brilliance of WILDFIT

Lianne recently appeared on the LeeLa podcast where she talked about many aspect of WILDFIT and discovering a “Health-Style and Life-Style you’ll love”

Here’s a short excerpt from the podcast.

‘While WILDFIT may well be the most effective weight loss program ever, it is not a weight loss program, it is a health transformation program.’’

— Eric Edmeades, WILDFIT Founder

What Makes WILDFIT Different?

  • NO counting calories or starving yourself
  • NO exercise requirement
  • NO special foods to buy
  • NO supplements or “energy shakes” to buy
  • NO shaming!
  • You will NEVER go hungry
  • 90% of people who start WildFit complete it!

WILDFIT is even more powerful when you do the program with your spouse or best friend. It’s easier, and a lot more fun, when everyone is making changes together. Join the 90 day WILDFIT Challenge with a friend and receive special pricing!

WILDFIT Program Highlights

Weekly Live Group Sessions

Twice a week we'll gather for live video coaching sessions. You’ll have personalised support and feedback every step of the way.

Lifetime Access to the WILDFIT Videos

Through weekly videos, you’ll learn the ONLY food psychology and lifestyle changes you’ll ever need.


Our private community will help you stay on track and be a rich resource for recipes, encouragement and support.

Living WILDFIT e-Book

This e-book contains practical tips and resources to help you make WILDFIT a sustainable lifestyle change that you can carry with you forever.

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