My WILDFIT Journey

My reason for beginning and completing the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge is not SEXY!   In fact, some might say it’s boring.

During this COVID 19 pandemic, I felt personally restricted and powerless (like we all do). Following public health procedures is necessary, but not empowering. 

I decided that boosting my immune system to top levels was the most common sense way to empower myself.  This was something ONLY I could do;  it wasn’t anyone else’s responsibility.

The Universe moves in mysterious ways. I’d never heard of WILDFIT before, but information ‘appeared’ in my daily laptop rambles. I did my research and decided it would be a great choice for my empowering strategy.

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Below are some of the gains I made during my journey. I’m still discovering more benefits every day. So this list will change for the better as time goes on. But for now – it’s a great list for me.  Go ahead and click on either ‘physical’, ‘mental’ or ‘lifestyle’ to see how things changed for me.

Just imagine what your list will be after your 90 Day Challenge!

They say a picture’s worth 1000 words. Below are my personal BEFORE and AFTER photos. Although my main goal was not weight loss it happened so easily that I was both stunned and thrilled with what happened.

wildfit result before and after

Those of you who know us realize that we have owned a photography studio for many years. You might think that Roger just retouched these but I guarantee that I wouldn’t let him do that!

Since we did this together as a couple, my husband Roger had given me permission to share a couple of his BEFORE & AFTER photos too (like he had a choice LOL).


“I have always thought of myself as a “skinny guy”. The only diet I had ever been on was to GAIN weight (I weighed 110 lbs when I got married). But over the years excess weight began to creep on, mostly around the middle. My pants were the same waist size but they now sat under my belly. Like Lianne I was all for boosting my immune system by doing the WILDFIT program. Since I do most of the cooking, it was a good idea that I was on-board too.

Right from the start, I loved Eric’s style of delivering the program. He has a great sense of humour and the videos were never dull. By the end of the 90 days I realized just how much fat I had accumulated and how much better I looked and felt after shedding 20 lbs. Plus I got to try out many new recipes along the way. Highly recommended!”

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