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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here’s some answers to frequently asked questions about WILDFIT® and the WILDFIT® program.

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Above all else, the WILDFIT® program is based on one scientific fact: it’s both infuriatingly hard, and unnecessary to try to improve your health through conventional diet and exercise programs. Statistics even show that the average American actually gains 3 lbs for every diet program they try. Because these traditional diets are designed by people who don’t approach health problems holistically.

On the contrary, the WILDFIT® program is based on the principle that ‘every living thing has a natural diet’ and that the degree to which a species can stay on that diet is the same degree to which it will experience health and longevity.

WILDFIT® draws heavily from evolutionary history, nutritional anthropology and modern-day hunter-gatherer communities to map out the perfect natural human diet. When this is combined with the powerful science of behavioral psychology, it makes for a body transformation program that’s more permanently effective than anything else out there.

So yes, we’re confident that WILDFIT® will do wonders for your body and overall well being – no matter your past experiences with weight loss or healing.

It doesn’t matter where you’re at now – because WILDFIT® is designed to meet you there, and take you where you need to be. Our students range from people with severe health issues to high-performance athletes. Many come to us with a variety of goals including: weight loss, weight gain, more energy, symptom reduction, better sleep, improvement in libido and fertility, and even an overall desire to feel better and have more energy.

Also, 96% of people who start WILDFIT®, finish it. Which further proves that it’s suitable and effective for anyone at any fitness or weight level.

We highly recommend you first consult your doctor regarding any food allergies you may think you have. If you indeed have any confirmed allergies to any of the foods recommended in the WILDFIT® program, please avoid them.

With that said, the WILDFIT® program is not a hyper-restrictive diet where you’ll be limited to a restrictive range of foods. So, you will likely have other alternatives to choose from.

Interestingly, because of the way WILDFIT® is structured, some of our past students discovered that they had attributed the wrong type of food to their allergies and chronic inflammation. While we cannot guarantee this will be the case for you, WILDFIT® will certainly help you gather plenty of insights and data on how certain foods can impact your unique body composition.

Please let your coach know if you have any allergies prior to starting your journey for best success.

No, you do not need to take any additional supplements during the program or after the program has ended. WILDFIT® is designed to create permanent change. This has been proven time and time again with our students who, after months of having completed WILDFIT®, never regain the extra weight and remain at peak levels of health.

Our aim is for you to attain your healthiest state of being.

No. One of the biggest myths in health and fitness is the idea that you need to exercise to get healthy. But the truth is, science has shown that 95% of your body shape is determined by your diet, and only 5% is determined by your physical activity.

However, one of the best side-effects of going on the WILDFIT® program is that you will likely experience spikes in energy and you may actually feel like wanting to exercise. But this is not a necessary aspect of the program.

WILDFIT® is not a medical program and should not be taken as medical advice. While clients have reported normalized blood sugar, disappearing allergies, healthy weight loss, and a dramatic reduction of various symptoms, these are simply side effects of living a better lifestyle.

While many clients have eliminated various symptoms and ailments – and reduced their dependency on medication – we suggest that before making any major changes to your health-care plans (including medication dosage) you should consult your medical practitioner.

Don’t. Don’t change a thing until the program begins. You may be tempted to start making changes or improving your habits, but the WILDFIT® program works best when you simply arrive as you are; not on best behavior.
 For now, keep eating normally and don’t change a thing.

Programs that simply ask you to give up things you still want are doomed to failure; WILDFIT® will help you permanently change the way you view your diet and the decisions you make in the future.

There have been clients who see results well before the full 90 days. Not everyone will experience the same, but it’s possible. And it also depends on how willing you are in terms of allowing that change to happen.

But overall, we’re confident to say that in as little as 30 days, you will experience radical shifts in your weight, energy, libido, sleeping patterns and overall happiness levels.

If you’re skeptical, try this program anyway. Eric Edmeades so far has not had a case where his clients have asked for a refund. The program’s stick rate is over 90%, which leaves us confident that it’s almost impossible to not see any results with the WILDFIT program.

There are many similarities between WILDFIT® and the Paleo Diet and the Keto Diet. However, what distinguishes WILDFIT® is the enormous emphasis we place on mindset and behavioral change. Instead of just telling you what to eat, we give you the tools to rewire your thoughts (and therefore, your actions) around food, alcohol, caffeine, and much more.

Yes, you can definitely still do WILDFIT® and experience the various health benefits that come with it. But just keep in mind that the WILDFIT® approach will recommend certain animal-based foods at certain parts of the 90-day program, which you can substitute with other plant-based foods that align with your dietary choices.

Please let your coach know if you are a vegetarian or vegan prior to starting your journey for best success.