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Testimonials from Lianne's Recent Classes

If you’re on the fence, DO IT!

Garfield the Cat once said: ‘Diet is die with a T on the end of it.’ I admit I agreed with him. I have never found an approach to ‘altered eating’ that didn’t lead back to old patterns eventually. I have no presenting health issues outside of being short in stature and wide in girth.

My dad invited 11 family members to join him in the Wildfit Challenge. None of us were taking him up on his offer. I joined because I didn’t want him to Wildfit alone. I can do nearly anything for 90 days and would gain bonus dad time, if nothing else. What I have gained is so much more. If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me. It’s hard to believe that it all started with ‘drink more water’.

Wildfit gives me changes for a lifetime, which I never expected. The combination of small weekly challenges, live meetings, and the excellent coaching from Lianne makes the process easy. Monthly alumni meetings keep me engaged and focused. Wildfit without a scale (no, I don’t own one), keeps my focus on gains and my list of gains continues to grow. If you’re on the fence, DO IT! It’s only 90 days and a lifetime to gain.

Tina, North Carolina USA

Tina Before and After

I have improved self-confidence and a clearer mind…

“Prior to this challenge, I was struggling day to day. My body hurt, I felt uncomfortable in my clothes, my brain felt like I was in a constant fog. I was on the verge of tears most days. I had lost motivation & enthusiasm in life.

This program showed me how much better I can feel both mentally & physically by choosing to eat better foods.

My plan is to continue to eat in the way I have during the 90 day program because my mental health has improved & my physical health has improved too. I have less stomach issues. I have less inflammation. I have improved self-confidence.

I have improved self-confidence. I also have a clearer mind to deal with life stresses and to function better overall.”

Karen Burns, Smiths Falls Ontario

Holly web

I actually feel young again!

“I’ve got tons of energy and my zest for life is back. Thank you for helping me be my best, vibrant self Lianne!!! The timing was perfect. dljl1GKeXOAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC
Diabetes – gone! Hypertension – gone! My doctor is “wowed”!
And I keep shrinking 4HY7aORnWROV5AAAAAElFTkSuQmCC Can’t wait until the second hand clothing shops open up again!
If you’re thinking that getting older means inevitable aches and pains, low energy, weight gain, illness and medication – don’t settle for that. I was!
Experiencing the WildFit challenge has shown me what my body is capable of when I give it the nourishment it needs. I’m not settling any more – I’m living with optimum health and feeling more vital every day.”
Holly Dean, Merrickville Ontario

It Came At A Perfect Time…

“Feeling confident!  Lianne helped me get back on track to feeling healthy and energized thanks to the Wildfit 90 day group challenge.  Now I feel more like myself in my summer wardrobe again, full of energy and happy! This lifestyle is easy to manage in our busy family of 5, we are all eating more whole foods.  I loved the online group meetings each week to feel connected through our individual and comparable stories and to stay accountable.  My favourite learning through this process was identifying my 7 hungers and not choosing a “moderate” lifestyle, I learnt food freedom and how to live my best life!”

Angela VanWingerden, Smiths Falls Ontario

Angie 2

I Don’t Think I Could Have Achieved What I Did On My Own!

“In the past I had tried and failed with another popular weight-loss program which left me wary of repeating the experience. I thought I just wanted weight loss, but what I achieved with Wildfit was my total weight loss goal and an incredible wealth of knowledge about nutrition and healthy living.
The tutorial videos from Eric were amazing (and often really eye-opening) but the group our Coach, Lianne Morgan-Sands, put together was key to whatever success I achieved. After 90 days, unlike any other attempts from my past, this time I actually did it!!! 
Sure, I’m proud of myself, but I know, without a shadow of a doubt, thanks to Lianne’s knowledge, creativity and devotion to our group support system, I found the right program and the right help. I don’t think I could have achieved what I did on my own… at least not as easily or effectively.”
Susan Weinstock, Toronto Ontario

I Highly Recommend Lianne and the WILDFIT Challenge

“WILDFIT is a great program. And it’s not only all about food. I learned to strategically indentify my hungers and the psychology behind them.
Excellent as this challenge was/is, it was made more so because of our coach Lianne. She is warm-hearted and has a fun sense of humour. As a dream coach she was there for us every step of the journey, answering our questions, being tolerant of our sophisticated resistances and patient with our long-winded wonderings.
During our Zoom meetings she attended the needs of all the group members, creating a warm, friendly and informative group experience.
I highly recommend Lianne and the WILDFIT challenge!”
M.E. James, Perth Ontario

She’s A Joy To Work With

“I worked with Lianne to focus on health and wellness. She’s incredibly supportive and empathetic, identifying beliefs, and taking our obstacles to clear and  achievable solutions. I looked forward to her wit, warmth and commitment to my goals every week. She brings no preconceived regimen, but listens and collaborates on a path of small goals leading to large goals. She’s a joy to work with and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
Nancy Stevens M.S.M. Kingston Ontario
Founder of Kenya Help