Food Freedom

Food Freedom is the long term lifestyle option that is unique to WILDFIT®. I didn’t understand what it meant until I was more than half way through the program. The success rate for the WILDFIT® approach is in the 90% range.

Eric’s approach takes you kindly, slowly and cleverly along the path to reach Food Freedom.  You’ll begin to actually feel and understand what a well nourished body can do for you and your life.  This applies to a wide range of clients and situations.  More than 35,000 people from 130 countries have done WILDFIT®

Food Freedom

I’ve witnessed people ranging in age from their twenties into their eighties.  Participants were athletes, couch potatoes, overweight, underweight, depressed, anxious, medical patients, patients in recovery mode, as well and everyday folks.  They ALL made progress whatever their situation.  The success rate for the WILDFIT approach is in the 90% range. 


“I’d love to chat with you about how WILDFIT® helped me and how it can help you too!”

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